About Rod

Greetings, my name is Rod Lingsch and I want to work for YOU!

      I grew up poor, on welfare, with domestic violence.  By any standard, I should not have been successful in life.  While everyone struggles with life’s ups and downs, it’s what we learn and how we respond to those struggles that define who we are.  When life is hard growing up education does not seem to be as important as survival, but children still dream of their future.  My dream was to become a pilot.  When my teachers started asking me what I was going to do with my life, I told them I was going to be a pilot.  They would snicker and say you do not have the money or aptitude to become a pilot, so you would be better off as a laborer.  How do you motivate a teenager?  Tell them what they can’t do! So, those words became my motivation to prove them wrong.  By not dwelling on the past my eyes were opened to future possibilities, and it was God’s grace that showed me the path to my success.

      I worked hard and became an A student.  Within a few years after high school, I was working as an engineer in radio and TV.  Upon graduation from the University of Pittsburgh, I was selected for pilot training in the USAF.  I received my commission as a Second Lieutenant from Officer Training School (OTS) at Lackland AFB, Texas.  While at OTS I went before a selection board and was awarded a pilot slot for the prestigious Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training at Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls, Texas.  I met the love of my life in Wichita Falls and dragged her around the world with me where she worked as a Registered Nurse, and we raised our three wonderful children.  James, a Pharmacist, Jonathan, a 7th grade English teacher, and Jennifer, a pre-school teacher for deaf children.  During my 22 years in the USAF, I was an aircraft commander of the amazing F-111D & F fighter jets and an AETC Instructor Pilot.  I was deployed into combat as a pilot and later on the ground with the Army as an Air Liaison Officer.  I thrived in mentoring junior officers in my leadership positions as a flight commander, operations officer, and Instructor Pilot.

      After 22 years in the USAF, I owned and operated a successful business.  I fulfilled another dream graduating from the CTC Police Academy and worked as a Texas police officer.  From 2010 to 2021, I was employed as a government contractor in support of the U.S. Military, State Department, and Homeland Security.  My primary mission was flying overwatch in what is called Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) operations.  I worked with CBP agents in Texas and Arizona and the military and State Department in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The last 6 years I worked at HKIA in Kabul, Afghanistan. Contractors were ordered out of Afghanistan after a beloved Afghan Mi-17 crew that we trained was shot down on 16 March 2021 by the Taliban with an advanced Chinese laser-guided missile.  We were reluctant to leave our friends but also relieved since intel lost track of the missiles after they arrived in Kabul. I left Kabul for the last time on 17 April 2021.

      As a pilot, I have worked with, trained, and met a lot of people from all across America and all around the world.  My passion for learning made research my main hobby for the last 50 years.  Since June of 2000, I have discussed my solutions for America’s problems with thousands of people from all walks of life.  Everyone loved my ideas and would tell me I should run for office.  I told them I don’t know if I could ever be a politician because I would not be able to lie to my constituents.  So, I offered my solutions for America’s problems to hundreds of politicians from both parties all across the U.S. None ever expressed interest, so I can only speculate they fear losing power more than they fear the consequences of the problems they created. 

Why I’m Running for Congress

      I feel compelled to run for office because America has become so divided and politicians are the reason why.  When elitists want to gain power or politicians fear they will lose power they create narratives intended to divide people one against another.  They push lies they know their followers want to believe are true but are designed to distract from the problems they themselves have created.  America is at the tipping point of no return unless we can all come together to fix America’s problems.

      I was raised as a Kennedy Democrat by my mother.  As a single parent, she worked two jobs, put herself through nursing school, while taking care of her five children.  Throughout her life, I could never convince her that post-Kennedy Democrats were nothing like JFK.  While off at College, I had a chance meeting with Jimmy Carter and shook his hand.  He promised all Americans a better life, so I voted for him.  It did not take him long in office to see things go from bad to worse.  Double-digit unemployment, double-digit inflation, empty grocery store shelves, and long lines at gas stations.  The final straw for me that broke the proverbial donkey’s back was Carter’s EPA.  His EPA shut down every steel mill in Pittsburgh overnight, without any warning or regard.  The entire economy of Pittsburgh and surrounding communities collapsed.  All my relatives lost their jobs. People were committing suicide every day because they lost their homes, their businesses and could not handle the stress.  Where was the party of peace and justice then?  I studied the entire history of the Democratic party and vowed to never vote Democrat again.

      I consider myself a Christian Conservative based on my values, and I have voted that way since President Carter.  Others may conclude that I am closer to a moderate due to my opinions based on my life’s work of research.  I understand all issues from both a conservative and liberal perspective. I also perceive conservatives of today to be more like the liberals of the 1950s and early 1960s.  While I am fiscally conservative and somewhat socially liberal, as a Christian, I cannot support abortion or the death penalty; however, simply passing laws does not solve the many problems associated with these issues.  I understand and support the premise of many liberal complaints, but their methods are completely the opposite of what must be done to resolve the issues.  Liberals make matters worse by wanting change immediately without thinking through the consequences of their actions.  On the other hand, conservatives prefer the status quo and only want to make a change after thinking through all the potential problems.  When it comes to change, liberals are too fast, and conservatives are too slow. History has demonstrated that we humans do our best work and have the most success when we overcome our differences and work together.  If America is to survive as the last best hope of earth, then we too must endeavor to set aside our differences so we can work together with each other and for each other.

      I will work for you, and with you to restore America as the hope for humanity, but we must fix our problems first.  My programs will ensure that our government works for all of us and not just the elitists who like to tell us how they think we should live our lives.  As your Representative, I make you this promise; I will not lie to you.  I will tell you the straightforward truth as I have learned through extensive research.  I do not want your money; I want your vote.  If you believe in me and what I relate to you then vote for me, spread the word, tell your family and friends to vote for me.

Please feel free to call or email me with any questions or concerns that you have.  May God bless you, and God bless America!