USCF Health Care Reform

      USCF health care reform consists of health care programs that members access through their individual Health Care Savings Account (HCSA).  Members use their HCSA to pay for any medical care they may need.  The USCF programs include Essential Health Care (EHC), Urgent Health Care (UHC), Chronic Health Care (CHC), Mental Health Care (MHC), Assisted Living Care (ALC), Risk and Recovery Health Care (RRHC), and Non-Essential Health Care (NEHC).  Veteran Administration (VA) and Military Health Care (MHC) initially will not be part of USCF and would remain in control of those administrations.  Under USCF these programs will have improvements and free-market options but not fully transition to USCF until specific conditions are met.

      All USCF members are required to participate in Essential Health Care, Urgent Health Care, and Assisted Living Care.  Only members identified as having a need for Chronic Health Care and/or Mental Health Care are required to participate in those programs.  Members who meet the criteria for habitually engaging in risky behaviors will be required to join Risk and Recovery Care to cover their related medical treatments.  Non-Essential Health Care is an optional program that members may elect to participate in for medical care such as cosmetic surgery.  Prescriptions are integrated into USCF medical programs as an essential part of medical services.

      USCF medical programs utilize preventive health services to identify a member’s needs before they become chronic.  Each program takes into consideration an individual’s specific needs to improve their quality of care.  Although USCF members may require government assistance to help pay for their health care programs, all USCF programs are removed from government control to significantly improve efficiency and reduce overall costs.  USCF medical programs are maintained in the free market economy to encourage competition and the lowest possible cost.  USCF also takes extensive measures to eliminate losses from the uninsured and Fraud, Waste, and Abuse.

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