America is Broken!

      America’s education systems are broken, America’s financial systems are broken, America’s Welfare system is broken, America’s Criminal Justice system is broken, America’s Immigration system is broken, America’s Electoral system is broken, America’s Political system is broken.  I could go on but . . . you get the point.

      Every system and institution a country relies on to ensure the freedoms and provide for the security of its citizens is broken in America and you can thank the politician that you continually vote back into office for your misery.  If you take the time to do the research, you will learn that every problem we citizens of the U.S. have endured throughout our history came about as a result of decisions made by politicians.  The Great Depression, every economic recession, the housing market collapse, the student loan crisis, the news media crisis, the social media crisis, confusion over the pandemic, mass anxiety and hysteria of the population, inflation and high unemployment, mass lootings and the rapid increase in crime, even the extreme violence and numerous death from recent riots.  Again, you can thank the politicians you elect to office for everyone’s pain and suffering.

      Politician knows exactly what they need to do in order to control and manipulate you but appear to have no clue how to solve any of the problems they created.  Is it incompetence or intentional?

      If you are interested in understanding the truth, the facts and history that brought about all of America’s problems then read on trough the following pages below.  If you are truly interested in solving America’s problems then you need to do two things.  Read through the solutions proposed on this website and then stop voting for politicians who promise you everything and give you nothing in return.  BE the SOLUTION!  Vote for the elected officials who truly care about you and your loved ones and who are committed to making the America dream possible for every citizen.