USCF Urgent Health Care (UHC)

      Urgent Health Care (UHC) is required by all USCF members as essential coverage to protect against unforeseen events that could have devastating consequences both financially and towards a member’s long-term health.  Cancer and automobile accidents most often come to mind when considering Urgent Health Care coverage.  UHC covers all medical expenses associated with more calamitous events including ambulatory care, hospital stays, examinations, tests, surgery, recovery, rehabilitation, meals, and other required care.  However, USCF health care programs are very sensitive to unnecessary tests and care that lends itself to Fraud, Waste, Abuse (FWA).  Affordable health care requires honest individuals, patients, and providers that do not take advantage of their system.  Certainly, every member is encouraged to utilize all USCF health care programs as needed but if you take care of your health care programs they will take care of you.

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