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     Americans have over $1.2 trillion in credit card debt with student loan debt exceeding $1.8 trillion.   Include every loan Americans owe to the financial system and our debt is a staggering $26 trillion.   Not as bad as the Fed’s $34 trillion debt and at least we have our homes, businesses, and other assets to show for it.   Still, it is an enormous amount of debt, and many Americans are struggling with no relief in sight.   Because of the federal government’s policies causing record inflation over the last 3 years, 65% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck.   If people don’t have money to spend, they can’t provide for their loved ones.   If people don’t have money to save, they can’t invest in their future.   This burden creates enormous stress that is a root cause of many social ills plaguing America.
     America’s welfare system is an enormous bureaucracy that is inefficient and overly expensive to maintain.   Welfare programs require recipients to persist in their impoverished status in order to maintain their benefits.   If a citizen obtaining support from welfare attempts to improve their quality of life, they are quickly removed from their safety net.   America’s current structure results in generations of families and ever-increasing numbers of single parents completely dependent on welfare, stuck in a substandard government-subsidized way of life.   Politicians have failed to reconcile inequality through legislation and actually have made the progress of many citizens consequently worse with welfare programs.
     Under USCF, the structure and implementation of all former welfare programs are incorporated into a single program that solves the dysfunction of America’s current welfare system.   This process alone will eliminate $2 trillion of the government’s fraud, waste, and abuse imposed upon hard-working Americans.   The Supplemental Income Benefit (SIB) is the primary USCF program available to citizens, replacing all former welfare programs.   Most USCF programs are paid out to members as needed through their SIB in the form of Supplemental Income Pay.   Other USCF programs provide payouts similar to SIP, including Disability Income Pay (DIP), Retirement Income Pay (RIP), and Unemployment Support and Subsistence Pay (USSP).   Some of the main USCF Benefit Programs are summarized on the web pages listed below:
1) Supplemental Income Benefit (SIB)
2) Homeowner’s Benefit (HOB)
3) Small Business Benefit (SBB)
4) Retirement Income Benefit (RIB)
5) Unemployed Support Benefit (USB)
Read about the USCF Supplemental Income Benefit.
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