U.S. Healthcare Crisis

     America spends more on healthcare than any other country.   The cost of healthcare in the U.S. has increased on average by 3.6% every year since 2000 exceeding $4.15 trillion in 2021.   That equates to $12,641 each year for every one of our 331 million citizens.   However, it does not include the hundreds of billions of dollars in losses hospitals and HMOs incur each year from the uninsured.   In this decade, healthcare costs are expected to increase by 4.6% each year where the total U.S. healthcare costs will exceed $6.7 trillion by 2030 at nearly $20,000 per capita.

     Those of you who pay for your own private healthcare programs made up 40% of the overall 2021 healthcare expenditures ($1.66 trillion) while 10% of U.S. citizens paid cash for their healthcare in what is called an out-of-pocket expense ($415.4 billion).   Besides you paying for your own healthcare, your government also gave you the opportunity to pay for the healthcare of the 166 million citizens who they claim are less fortunate than you.   Your tax dollars paid 50% of America’s $4.15 trillion healthcare bill in 2021 through state and federal programs such as Medicaid, Medicare, and CHIP ($2.08 trillion).

     Politicians tell us we need Medicare for all.   What they describe as a single-payer healthcare system.   They have a way of making it all sound so good but what they don’t tell you is that Medicare has been in deficit spending since 2007 and is expected to be insolvent by 2026.   This is the real reason politicians want every citizen on Medicare.   They know its collapse is coming soon and they foolishly believe they can reign it in by having complete control over who, how, and when you can have healthcare.   For more than a decade politicians and doctors have been talking about denying anyone over the age of 75 medical care since they no longer contribute to society.   Does anyone really believe that this will apply to them or other elitists in America?   Politicians are incapable of solving this or any of America’s problems because; they lack vision, their uncontrolled spending put America $30 trillion in debt, and as history shows us, at best the return on government programs is about 5 cents for every dollar spent.

     President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) was supposed to fix America’s healthcare problems.   Have you ever noticed when politicians give legislation a really good-sounding name that it turns out to be the opposite of what they want you to believe?   ACA, otherwise known as Obamacare, became law on 23 March 2010.   Since then, Medicaid and CHIP payments have increased more than 30% resulting in ACA alone adding more than $2 trillion to the federal debt. Before ACA became law, 92% of Americans said they were satisfied with their healthcare coverage, but not to worry, as President Obama promised, If you like your doctor or healthcare provider, you can keep them.   Individuals who pay for healthcare saw their premiums double and copays increase due to ACA regulations.   Obamacare was supposed to make healthcare affordable for everyone thus ensuring every citizen would eagerly sign up for healthcare coverage.   ACA fell well short of its goals and only increased enrollment by 5.5% over the last 12 years leaving more than 31 million Americans still without health insurance.

     Federal and state laws make it illegal for hospitals to deny medical care for individuals who do not have healthcare coverage.   These laws also make it illegal to deny healthcare to any of the 25 million undocumented immigrants in America regardless of their employment, health insurance, or immigration status.   As a result, more than $330 billion in unpaid medical expenses are passed along to you each year as part of your annual increase in medical costs.   While this is a leading cause of your healthcare costs increasing each year, the government’s refusing to pay anything more than 90% of Medicaid and Medicare bills comes in a close second.

     America’s healthcare system is reactive as opposed to proactive even though we lead the world with the most advanced hospitals, medical systems, and research.   We have the knowledge and ability to identify most illnesses before they occur but when your country is $30 trillion in debt it becomes impossible to solve problems that only elitists can afford.   America can only make healthcare affordable and available to every citizen by changing to a proactive, preventive structure such as the USCF Healthcare system.

Mental Healthcare Crisis

     On average 20% of adults and 17% of children experienced some form of mental illness each year.   These numbers increased 5% during the 2020 pandemic which is 1 out of 4 adults (64.5 million) and little more than 1 out of 5 children (16 million).   1 in 20 adults (13 million) experience serious mental illness.   Unfortunately, about 45% of adults and 52% of children never receive any mental healthcare.   Lack of good mental healthcare is a contributing factor for the 25 million Americans who suffer from depression each year.

     Children whose chronic depression goes untreated can result in permanent changes to their brain structure which may lead to bipolar disease or other more serious mental illnesses.   Prolonged untreated depression in adults leads to the early onset of neurodegenerative diseases such as; Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson and other diseases.   People who receive treatment for depression have a 90% success rate but less than half seek treatment.

     Lack of mental healthcare contributes to 23 million Americans who depend on alcohol or drugs to cope with mental issues.   In 2021, there were more than 140,000 alcohol-related and 156,000 drug-induced deaths in America.   That was more than 385 alcohol and 430 drug-related deaths each day.   Losses due to Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) costs $300 billion and Substance Use Disorder (SUD) exceeds $600 billion each year in the U.S.   $900 billion could easily pay for Mental Healthcare for all in need.

     60% of suicides in the U.S. are related to depression and this number increases to 75% when alcohol or drugs are involved.   Each year there are 1.4 million suicide attempts resulting in nearly 50,000 deaths.   Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death with men dying at a rate more than 3 times that of women.   Suicide rates for children have increased every year since 2005 and are the second-highest cause of death only behind accidents.   Depression and mental health are manageable.   Suicides are preventable if we make healthcare proactive and take our mental health seriously.

     USCF healthcare programs are designed and work to solve America’s healthcare crisis.   USCF is a proactive and preventive healthcare system where citizens only pay for the medical care they need.   Read about healthcare solutions on this website to gain a better understanding of how medical care can be made available for every citizen while reducing costs and improving the quality of care.

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