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     People want to work.   People have a need to work as it gives them a sense of purpose in life.   One of the most difficult times in my life was after I retired from the Air Force.   It took me more than a year to find a job.   Even though my wife was working, raising three children on half our previous salary was extremely painful.   The military out-processing transition training warned us that it was not uncommon for people leaving the military to have difficulty finding work, but “keeping trying” is not a helpful solution.
     Democrat politicians talk out of both sides of their mouths.   They claim Republicans don’t care about the American worker, and they are the only ones who are fighting for a livable wage.   On 6 February 2024, a Democrat Congressman went on CNN and said, “The immigrants coming to the U.S. are only seeking their opportunity for the American Dream.”   What about the American citizen’s opportunity for the American Dream?   Two days later, a Democratic Senator was on MSNBC and stated, “Democrats are the only ones that care about the immigrants coming to America.”   What about caring for the American people and their struggles?   The 35 million illegal migrants undermine wages, undermine job safety, and, by U.S. law, can’t legally work in America.
     It is unacceptable that the wealthiest nation on Earth can’t provide decent-paying jobs for its citizens.   It is unacceptable that businesses send tens of millions of American jobs overseas.   It is even more unacceptable that politicians allow 35 million unskilled migrants to enter America illegally.   65% of American workers are living paycheck to paycheck.   Many are working two jobs and still struggle to get by.
     The programs that I have worked on for more than 20 years solve all the problems politicians created.   My Unemployed Support Benefit includes financial support and work programs that help people find sustainable jobs.   My Supplemental Income Benefit is a salary-matching program that replaces welfare and immediately lifts people out of poverty.   My Enterprise Zone Program provides on-the-job training to help people rebuild their communities while reestablishing cohesion.
     Take some time to read through these programs, and please feel free to call me if you would like to discuss them further.
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