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USCF Homeowner’s Benefit (HOB)

     The USCF Homeowner’s Benefit makes homeownership easy and accessible for citizens seeking to purchase a home.  The HOB implements safeguards to maintain housing market stability while mitigating the risk of homeowner bankruptcy.  All home loans are acquired through the free market ensuring competitive home mortgages.  Likewise, for these reasons, the functions and responsibilities of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Federal Home Loan Bank, and other systems remain unchanged.
     Citizens looking to purchase a home who have been employed for a minimum of two years in the same job may borrow up to 80% of their home loan through a mortgage bank or lender of their choosing.  Citizens can increase their home loan borrowing by 5% for each additional full year of employment in the same job making it possible to borrow up to 100% of their home loan including closing costs and other fees.
     Under no circumstances will the HOB secure a home loan that exceeds 100% of the assessed market value of the home.  Additionally, under no circumstances will NINJA, No Income, No Job, or Assets loans be supported within USCF.  Our elected officials enacting legislation that forced banks to issue NINJA loans under the threat of heavy fines resulted in the 2008-2009 U.S. housing market collapse and subsequent worldwide economic crisis.   Citizens applying for the HOB may utilize their Supplemental Income Pay to improve their loan borrowing potential.
     A citizen’s credit score may affect their home loan interest rate, but no citizen can be denied a home loan as long as they agree to the HOB criteria.  Citizens with a low credit score can work with their State Management System to improve their credit score before applying for a home loan.   SMS can help citizens set up automatic payments, manage their income, pay off debt, and other options to improve their credit score.

Missed Home Loan Payments

     If someone is unable to make their house payments due to illness, unemployment, or other circumstances their State Management System will take over and make the house payments for them.   When they are able to resume their house payments, SMS payments end.   However, when the home loan is paid in full, the homeowner is required to continue making payments back into their USCF account until the borrowed house payments are reimbursed.   When all transactions are complete the homeowner will receive a release of mortgage letter to pick up the deed to their home.   Homeowners who take advantage of the payment support and sell their home before reimbursement is made must keep in mind that the USCF back payments will come out of the funds in the sale of the home.   The USCF Homeowner’s Benefit restores the American Dream of homeownership.   The HOB makes home ownership easy and accessible for citizens without any of the stress and anxiety of previous home-purchasing programs.
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