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USCF Small Business Benefit (SBB)
Small Business Administration

     Each year the U.S. Small Business Administration makes available $30 billion for small businesses and approves over 70,000 loans.   Most SBA loans are typically in the amount of $250,000 providing new business owners with the capital to start their business.   In 1964, the SBA created a point system to give minorities priority with obtaining SBA loans.   Since 2005, the SBA has made all startup loans only available to refugees’ seeking asylum, immigrants awaiting naturalization, minorities, and disabled veterans.   SBA assists and trains these new business owners on how to manage their businesses.   The SBA also provides access to their tools, resources, and capital for America’s 30 million small businesses.

Small Business Benefit

     The purpose of the USCF Small Business Benefit is to provide equal opportunity to every citizen seeking to start a small business.   Any citizen with an innovative idea or desire to start a small business can utilize SBB resources.   SBB is not for established businesses or for business owners seeking to expand their franchise as SBA retains those support functions.   SBA remains available for existing business owners and SBB is a separate program under SBA for new business startups. The SBB program can help citizens develop a business plan, conduct a market research study, fund their business, select an optimum location, develop the business structure, register the business, apply for licenses, permits, patents, trademarks, and so on.
     When the business plan is complete and the market research study demonstrates the business is viable, SBB will assist the new business owner in completing all processes.   SBB staff can also provide on-the-job training for the new business owner and employees.   SBB monitors the progress of the new business during the 3-month probation period providing additional assistance when needed.


     SBB loans are up to $250,000 per individual utilizing their USCF as collateral.   When a SBB loan is approved, virtual funds from their USCF are converted into real dollars.   These funds are then made available to individuals through the SBA as their SBB loan.   Citizens cannot be turned down for their small business loan if their business plan and market study are viable, and they agree to all requirements of the SBB smart contract.   To ensure adequate funding, people may combine their SBB loans for a small business startup.   Family members and business associates may consent to combine their SBB to fund larger ventures with SBB approval.   The percentage of the individual’s loan contribution equates to their percentage of business ownership.
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