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  • "USCF Essential Healthcare" from Faith, Family, and Freedom by Rod Lingsch for Congress. Released: 2024. Track 14. Genre: Politics.

USCF Essential Healthcare (EHC)

     Participation in Essential Healthcare (EHC) is also required of every citizen as essential coverage to protect against unforeseen events that could have devastating consequences both financially and on an individual’s long-term health.   Automobile accidents and genetic disorders most often come to mind when considering Essential Healthcare coverage.   The Healthcare Savings Account (HCSA) is designed to cover all required medical expenses, including the premiums for a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) or Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) of choosing and copays.   USCF requires HMOs and PPOs to cover all medical expenses associated with more injurious events including ambulatory care, hospital stays, examinations, tests, surgery, recovery, meals, and other required care.   Additionally, USCF Essential Healthcare requires HMOs and PPOs to support advancements in medical technologies including gene therapy to treat and manage genetic conditions.
     It is a long-term goal of USCF healthcare to eliminate illness and disease by supporting regenerative medicine and gene therapies.   Since human DNA is stable and functions inside the cell, gene therapies have demonstrated long-term expression of the necessary proteins to mitigate Inborn Errors of Metabolism thereby restoring cells and reversing disease.   Within a decade or so, we may see the elimination of most diseases and illnesses leading to a significant reduction in healthcare costs.   Until then, affordable medical care requires honest individuals, patients, and providers that do not take advantage of their system.   Members are encouraged to work with their employer to select an HMO or PPO that best suits the needs of their family.   Members likewise can always seek support from their State Management System for advice on which HMO or PPO best serves their healthcare needs.
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