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USCF Healthcare Savings Account (HCSA)

     The USCF Healthcare Savings Account is unique and has significant advantages over all current medical savings programs. The HCSA is completely portable.   There is no loss of service if an individual changes jobs, is between jobs, or is out of work. People can use their HCSA anywhere in the world where they may need medical care.   Individuals with pre-existing medical savings accounts can easily convert them to the HCSA.   The HCSA is an important tool for controlling healthcare costs and improving the overall efficiency of the healthcare system.
     Within the USCF Healthcare System, people only pay for the medical programs they need.   HCSA, in turn, collects all funds from each healthcare program.   These funds are secured in an account that gains interest at 2% above the Federal Fund Rate.   HCSA funds may be invested in higher-yielding options when certain conditions are met.   The funds in your HCSA roll over from year to year, meaning you will never lose your medical funds if they are not utilized by the end of the year.   These conditions allow HCSA funds to accumulate at a rate that will typically exceed the healthcare needs of most individuals, particularly healthy young adults.   Citizens manage and maintain their Healthcare Savings Account with the support of their employer and their State Management System.
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