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USCF Primary Healthcare (PHC)

     Primary Healthcare is required by all citizens to support their basic healthcare needs.   The PHC is structured as proactive and preventive medical care to promote the health and well-being of individuals.   The goal of PHC is to identify and prevent disease before it becomes chronic.   Besides meeting all the basic healthcare needs of citizens, PHC works to keep people informed while assessing their long-term healthcare requirements.   The following are some of the basic medical care provisions; however, this is not to be taken as a complete list:
     All outpatient medical care.
     Prescriptions to support PHC.
     All vaccinations and immunizations.
     Dental screening and related healthcare services.
     Hearing screening and related healthcare services.
     Vision screening and related healthcare services.
     All gynecology and obstetrics care.
     Mental health screening.
     The primary purpose of PHC is to be proactive and preemptive to help prevent health problems and chronic illness.   Screening programs help identify Chronic Healthcare (CHC) requirements including supporting individuals with disabilities and special needs.   Dental, vision and hearing-related healthcare services are considered essential care under PHC due to their necessity in daily life.   Gynecological and obstetrics healthcare for women also has the highest priority under PHC as essential coverage for their health.
     USCF Primary Healthcare for children is integrated into school districts as a requirement for all schools within the district.   School teachers and administrators are trained and usually are the first to recognize their students’ learning abilities, disabilities, and healthcare needs.   Procedures are well established within the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act to identify and support children’s learning needs.   PHC likewise plays an important role in identifying children’s healthcare needs before they become chronic.   When a child is identified as having special learning and/or healthcare needs, school administrators work with parents to ensure the needs of the child are met.   PHC is free for all children under the age of 18 with no copay or deductible.   All testing, treatment, and care of a child’s needs are funded and covered by the school district through the USCF Primary and Secondary Education Fund (PSEF).   Any long term healthcare needs of children are supported by their State Management System so that there is no burden on the family.
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