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USCF Unemployment Support Benefit (USB)

     A primary goal of the Unemployment Support Benefit is to help citizens get back to work as quickly as possible.   While a worker is unemployed and looking for their new job, they will receive Unemployed Support Pay and Subsistence (USPS).   If someone is unable to find a job or looking for a better job, the USB is there to help them find work that meets their needs.   It is very important for people to find work that they love.   As Mark Twain said, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”   USB employs multiple programs to help people find the work they desire.   USB also works directly with employment agencies within the free market to help match employees with employers.   The USB is designed to help people with job fulfillment and keep the workforce working.   Keeping workers productive contributes to their well-being and promotes the prosperity of the American economy.
     Unemployed Support Pay and Subsistence are available to previously employed individuals seeking new employment.   Employers are required to notify their State Management System when an individual is unemployed.   It does not matter if the individual was laid off, fired, or quit their job; however, USPS will not start until the individual makes an application seeking new employment.
     USPS is designed to help people focus on finding desirable work without worrying about their expenses.   The Unemployed Support Pay (USP) portion of USPS covers all recurring bills.   The subsistence portion covers all expenses for food, shelter, and other necessities of life.  When an individual returns to work, they will be required to pay back the USP portion of the USPS at a rate of 1% of their gross income each pay period.   This design, along with Supplemental Income Pay, incentivizes individuals to return to work quickly.

Step Forward Program (SFP)

     The Step Forward Program (SFP) is a Some people have difficulty finding and maintaining a job.   These individuals typically do better in low-demand jobs, particularly if it is a position where they can see the benefit of helping others.   It is not our place to judge but to help people find work to fulfill their needs and get them on track to a sustainable future.   This is the purpose of the Step Forward Program.   Many jobs in the SFP are typically considered volunteer work.   They are low-stress jobs where the worker can help others in need.   It is well established that when people see their effort help others, they gain a sense of purpose and value in their own lives.

Enterprise Zone Program (EZP)

     The USCF Enterprise Zone Program coordinates with each state to augment their Enterprise Zone Program funding to prevent delays and ensure efficiency.   It is well established that government inefficiency causes delays, driving up costs.   Each state’s Special Management System (SMS) works directly with businesses and corporations to support the communities within America’s 900 Enterprise Zones.   SMS works with corporations to assess the needs of communities, rebuild infrastructure, and establish businesses that provide the necessary goods and services to promote growth.   Businesses hire people within these communities and provide them with on-the-job training to rebuild their communities.   The USCF Supplemental Business Benefit (SBB) works directly with community leaders and people within those communities.   SBB provides the people who live in those communities with the resources to establish their new businesses so that they can take ownership.   This is a very important part of community building, which promotes community pride.   Community pride is essential for lifting communities out of poverty, providing economic stability, and reducing crime.   Additionally, the USCF Supplemental Income Benefit (SIB) augments workers’ salaries within these communities.   Every worker whose pay is less than the GDP per Capita will receive salary matching in the form of Supplemental Income Pay (SIP) up to $78,300.   USCF EZP rebuilds communities, SBB provides the resources and training for local residents to become business owners, and the SIB boosts pay to immediately lift workers out of poverty and move their families into the middle class.
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