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USCF Chronic Healthcare (CHC)

     Chronic disease is any ailment that lasts 3 months or longer.   Approximately 8% of children have a chronic disease while nearly 50% of adults live with a chronic condition.   That is about 157 million Americans who are affected by chronic disease with 81 million having multiple conditions.   As we age, the chance of developing a chronic ailment increases.   Chronic disease not only results in a lower quality of life but is responsible for 7 out of 10 deaths.

     The USCF Chronic Healthcare program is structured to meet the special needs of any citizen who has chronic physical ailments regardless of age.   While the need for CHC coverage usually develops later in life, Essential Healthcare (EHC) is designed to help identify chronic ailments as early as possible.   Early identification often permits intervention that can slow the progress or identity treatment that can help prevent a chronic ailment entirely.   Also, as previously mentioned, Essential Healthcare works to eliminate illness and disease by supporting advancements in medicine including regenerative medicine and gene therapies.

     Many people who struggle with a chronic ailment believe there is no hope to improve their quality of life.   CHC works to help alleviate suffering and restore hope.   As part of the overall USCF healthcare system citizens who require CHC are enrolled in the program that covers their specific needs.   This design helps reduce costs when citizens only pay for the healthcare they need.   Additionally, CHC brings together experts in the field who can apply the newest research and innovations in medical technology.   Working together with expert knowledge and a community of individuals who have similar ailments, citizens can stay informed while receiving the care they need to live healthier, happier, pain-free lives.

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