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  • "2024 Stump Speech" from Faith, Family, and Freedom by Rod Lingsch for Congress. Released: 2024. Genre: Politics.

My 2024 Stump Speech

     I am running against the devout socialist Greg Casar to support you in Texas’ 35th Congressional District.   Representative Casar’s web page proudly states that he refuses to cooperate with Republicans to solve America’s problems and calls for citizens to oppose their government.   I, however, believe in America and the American people.
      Throughout my life, I have dedicated myself in service to our country as a retired Air Force pilot, officer, and leader, a Texas police officer, and a San Antonio business owner.   I worked for Homeland Security, with Border Patrol agents flying overwatch of our dedicated ground agents in Texas and Arizona.   As a defense contractor with a top-secret clearance, I lived and worked in Iraq and Afghanistan for over a decade, supporting the State Department and the U.S. military.
      As a pilot who has lived and traveled in numerous countries and all across the U.S., I want you to know that America is the least racist country on Earth.   Despite what liberals and democrats tell you, Americans are the friendliest people in the world.   If it were not for Democrats, there would be no racism in America.   The entire history of the Democratic party is racism, and they continue to prove they are the only racists with their Diversity, Equity, and Exclusion.   They try to hide these facts by gaslighting us with their contrived lie of white privilege.   Thankfully, due to the radicalization of the democratic party and the failures of the Biden administration, Americans are waking up to the truth.
      However, we must get out and vote.   It is easy to be disillusioned when you go to bed with Trump winning and wake up with Joe Biden as our president.   A Red Wave was expected in 2022 but did not happen because 600,000 Republicans in Georgia and 450,000 in Pennsylvania stayed home, losing three Senate seats.   Not voting is handing power to the Democrats. Please tell everyone you know to get out and vote.
      The other issue of great concern is the future voter base.   Millennials and Gen Z do not think like Baby Boomers, and they will make up the majority in a few years.   We can all agree that life was much better under Trump than Biden; however, that will not be enough to change the minds of future voters.   We must be able to show them that Republicans can fix all the problems that Democrats created.
      For the last 23 years, I have discussed my solutions to America’s problems with thousands of people I trained, worked with, and met all across the U.S.   Everyone, even liberals, loved my ideas and would tell me I should run for office.   Since my wife and I were working and raising our family, I offered these solutions to hundreds of politicians from both parties in 2005, 2010, and 2012.   None expressed interest.   Now, I feel compelled to put my solutions before Congress as your representative so we can restore the American dream.
      My economic and tax reform will pay off the $34 trillion federal debt in about five years.   My single flat tax replaces all federal and state taxes, generating $27 trillion annually.   My welfare reform replaces the 600+ federal and state welfare programs with a single program that saves $2 trillion each year and immediately lifts the poor out of poverty.   My proactive healthcare reform utilizes seven programs where people only pay for the healthcare they need.   My healthcare programs replace all government programs, saving $1.7 trillion annually.   They operate in the free market to create competition that improves quality while reducing costs.   When we fix these problems, we can start working on all of America’s other issues, including providing quality education for every child, ending illegal migration, fix the naturalization program, eliminating homelessness, resolving alcohol and drug dependence, criminal justice reform, political reform, and much more.
      I ask that you please take the time to visit my campaign website at www.USCF.Life.   I designed my web pages to read the issues and my solutions to you, each taking about five minutes.   If you like my ideas, then please consider voting for me.   Discuss my ideas with your family and friends and ask them to consider voting for me.   I don’t want your money; I want your vote.   I will defeat the socialist Greg Casar if I can get my message out to voters, and it will be my honor to serve you as your representative.   I will be your voice speaking truth to power.   Remember my name, Rod Lingsch, because you will not see it on posters lining your streets.   I believe in fair and transparent politics, not those funded by elitists.   I appreciate your consideration and support.   May God Bless You and God Bless America.
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